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Superb and original walnut bracket clock by Elliott of London.

The walnut case typical in style of the early 18th Century is embellished with gilt mounts, side viewing glass and rear door with brass fret panel.

The 8 day movement with platform escapement is very clean and strike the quarters on 8 rods playing Westminster/Whittington.

The movement has the traditional silent strike lever to the dial as well as the Elliotts ingenious automatic silent at night feature built in silencing the clock automatically between the hours of 11pm and 7am.. So please make sure you set the time correctly In regards to day or night.

The clock is running as expected and keeping good time in situ, however, this may need to be adjusted after being in transit as it can upset the timekeeping a little. Adjustment is via a lever on the escapement.

33cm High with a 6 inch dial

Complete with original Key

Condition: Generally good overall with some very minor markings/fading to the chapter ring.

Delivery via tracked service, professionally packed.

Elliott of London Bracket Clock SOLD

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