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A vary rare opportunity to obtain a full size solid bronze sculpture of a human skeleton and dog very much in the manner of Simon Fearnhamm.

Believed to be sculpted by John Cox (1952-2014), Cox was responsible for many township bronzes all over the UK celebrating the likes of L.S Lowery, Jack Judge etc.

The Skeleton which is in the seated position with articulated arms has a superb patina all over as does his faithful dog beside.

Simon Fearnhamm is worldwide known for his full size bronze skeletons which are anything between £20,000 and £50,000 and can be seen on his website ‘Skelemental’.

I’m sure one would agree, he looks very fitting sat at the carved English desk upon the wainscot chair.

(Furniture is not included, although is available separately)

SOLD Life size Bronze Skeleton in the Manner of Simon Fearnhamm SOLD

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