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Introducing the iconic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, and this one is no shrinking violet!

Its majesty is only matched by its colorful history that is filled with stories of celebrities and nights filled with glamour.

Originally owned by the famed Roy Stewart, an actor, club and restaurant proprietor, this car wasn't just a mode of transportation, it was a full on statement to the establishment!

Roy purchased the car new from Jack Barclay’s which in itself may hold another story as the car was earmarked as sold to a different gentleman entirely, however, whether Stewart gazumpt him with a higher offer one shall never know but this was common practice with Rolls Royce’s in the mid sixties. Once Stewart received the car he sent it to be customised by Rolls-Royce to mirror his distinct flair, it flaunted an unconventional full purple paint job with white detailing as seen in the images but Perhaps more intriguing was the interior which housed not stuck on tints but full factory tinted glass all around and a unique and bespoke faux Tiger Skin head lining. The cost involved in this was immense, and the opulence did not end there, it extended to a well-appointed cocktail bar nestled away in the rear parcel shelf, complete with a fridge, lighting and period glasses and an ice bucket, a silent witness to its days chauffeuring the crème de la crème through London's illustrious nightlife.

Notable personalities such as Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, pepper its past with links to The Rolling Stones, Sean Connery and David Prowse (Darth Vader) whom Stewart was the closest of friends with. They all travelled in this car, It is noted that Hendrix was in Stewart’s Club ‘The Globe’ the night of his death. It was usual practice for the car to be used to collect and drop off VIP guests at their hotels, was this one of the last cars Hendrix travelled in?

After Roy's passing, the car remained dormant until 2013 when its second owner purchased it.

I acquired the car in 2022 and have since invested heavily in its legacy, ensuring its mechanical prowess continues. Major works undertaken consisted of a new gearbox, fully overhauled brake system, coolant flush, engine service and electrical work, all of which were attended to by the master mechanic Mr. Max Hoffman of Hoffman Classic cars in Cambridgeshire.

The car is kept inside making sure the mechanics stay in sterling condition, the engine's purr and robust oil pressure are testament to its vitality after a spirited drive.

As for the odometer, the car does suggest journeys a little grander than the numbers display.

It is now more than just a car, it's a vessel of stories and an almost national treasure of a bygone era.

The car is right-hand driven and ready for whatever lies ahead, embodying the luxury befitting its namesake, The Silver Cloud.

Viewing by strick appointment

Factory build sheets, customisation receipts, plus many more documents available.

An iconic Rolls Royce with a celebrity filled history 1963 Silver Cloud III SOLD

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