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1964 Bergmann Luxus S 100 Jukebox

Superb opportunity to acquire a quite scarce machine, I bought this many years ago with the intention of sorting its niggles out but it’s just sat at the back of the storage now. I sold my prestige 1960 Ami Continental as seen in the last image and this was going to replace it.. not in looks or style but just to play some of my old 45’s on.

The machine is 1964 and is being sold as untested however I can confirm that the lights work, the amp produces sound and that all the inner components are present.

What I can tell you it needs is the following:

New carousel drive belt which are available for around €25-30 (euro), a new stylus (pennies) and possible a general service. The arm which holds the selected 45 has broke but we do I do have that and I’m sure can be easily mended with an epoxy resin.. there are keys to it as seen in the image but I have misplaced them but they may well turn up as I am clearing the storage out hence the sale. (The machine is UNLOCKED).

It’s a genuinely nice machine from the early sixties and not one of the vile seventies ones.

For very little time and effort (and expense) someone will have themselves a fantastic machine that is one day going to be worth very good money.

It’s for collection only and you will need a couple of strong men and probably a tail-lift as I’m getting on a bit now and not as strong as I once was.

You will not find another Bergmann Luxus S100 for this money anywhere.

If you have any questions please do let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I have also advertised it on my website (see first image) and would be best if you contact me through there as I get the messages easier.

All glass present no cracks

Locks present (will look for keys)

Lights present and working

Valves working

Amp working but may require a service

Carousel motor working but requires belt

SOLD 1964 Bergmann Luxus S 100 Jukebox

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