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Charles X Noir Marble & Ormolu Mounted Mantel Clock

Maker: Pons (Honoré) b.1773 d.1851

Movement stamped: Yes (Pons Medaille D'Or Paris 1827)

Numbered: 254

Suspension: Silk

Matching pendulum: Original ( Numbered 254)

Dial: Silvered

Hands: Blued steel

Gilding quality: 8/10

Gilding losses: Boy missing Scythe to top

Marble colour: 8/10

Marble losses: Some fine nibbles to LH front to side return

Feet: Original

Doors: Both glazed

Key: Original

Working: Yes

Time Keeping: Good

Striking: Yes (Hours & Half’s on bell)

Size (Maximums)

Height: TBC

Width: TBC

Depth: TBC

Superb & rare Charles X mantel clock by Honoré Pons Circa 1827-30, silvered Roman numeral dial with blued steel hands, 8 - day movement with silk suspension and outside countwheel striking the hours & half’s upon a polished bell.

Top ormolu surmount depicts a young man with Scythe (now missing) cutting wheat leaning into a tree trunk with basket by feet.

About Honoré Pons

Honoré Pons (1773-1851), was a Parisian clockmaker who set up shop in 1803 and is generally recognized as being most active between the years of 1806-1846. In 1806, Pons was commanded by the Minister of the Interior to reorganise flagging clock industry in Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont. He placed a great emphasis on quality and was rightly credited with sector's revival.

Pons timepieces were mostly manufactured in Saint-Nicolas d’Aliermont and then sent to Paris for completion. Pons would manufacture beautiful, accurate timepieces at a fraction of the cost of other makers, due to his precision and self-invented machinery. He is credited with revitalizing the French clockmaking industry after the Revolution.

Clocks by Pons are found in National museum collections. His movements won silver medals in 1819 and 1823 and finally a gold in 1827.

This clock shows the medal for 1827.

Charles X Noir Marble Ormolu Mounted Mantel Empire Clock Circa 1827 - 1830 SOLD

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