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A fine and scarce clock by Lenzkirch and Symphonion that has incredibly been owned by the same family since new in 1895.

Essentially one of the finest musical hall clocks of the late 19th century available on the market today.

The dial with western Arabic numerals pierced hands and matted centre, 14 Day deadbeat escapement by Lenzkirch numbered 934548 for 1895, striking upon a single gong, actuating the Symphonion upon the hour, (this is currently disconnected and it is played by using the original ‘on demand’ side lever).

The musical movement by Symphonion numbered 186909 plays 13.5 inch discs on a vertical gilt cast bedplate with twin sublime harmony combs with a total of 101 teeth all of which are present.

The finely detailed walnut case carved with inset scrolls and geometric reserves, blind fretting and columns to clock housing has a fully open resonance chamber with internal disc holders to the lower section.

The movement has been overhauled in recent times and is working well, with a beautiful sound (see video).

There are a number of discs, however not all are playable due to warping/dents etc but these are readily available.

The clock stands 7 feet 10.5 inches high.

Lenzkirch Symphonion 30ST Musical Polyphon Clock circq 1895

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