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Very rare and interesting desk clock by Moser a Paris.

It is recorded that Moser exhibited in the London Great Exhibition of all nations which was held at Crystal Palace in 1851 and there is no reason to doubt that this clock was not part of his display.

An entry in the listings for the Great Exhibition notes him as Exhibiting a interesting and unique desk clock?

The unusual case design was sure to be noticed among the array of clocks for sale at the Exhibition and the additional case work was certainly an added selling point.

Moser was connected with Marti of Montbeliard and is said to have established a factory there making movements in 1834. He signed his clocks Moser A Paris pre-1860 and Moser et Cie (and Co.) post 1860.

Moser is mentioned in many books including:

*Carriage Clocks: Their History and Development by Charles Allix.

*Dictionaire des Horologers de France: by Tardy

Moser: Exhibition desk clock

An unusual, fine bell striking desk clock with a front winding carriage clock style enamel dial in a 'one' piece gilt case flanked by bronze figures, surmounted with gilt finial and the original glass inkwell to the top.

The lower rectangle section having a shell design gilt tray of which either side is an ebonised drawer revealing the original white metal quill holder and ink reserve pot.

The clock is generally in very good condition with its original gilding, however it does currently require a repair to the balance wheel

George Moser operated from the Rue de Grenier, Saint-Lazare in 1830 and then moving to 15, Boulevard du Temple in 1840, By 1860 he had registered his name as Moser and Co. (Et Cie).

Moser a Paris Desk Clock with incorporated Ink Well

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