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This wonderful Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is a credit to its last owner who fastidiously kept the car for some 42 years.

Originally delivered to Grassicks Rolls Royce of Perth, Scotland with a mileage reading of 00087 on 20/08/1973.

The car was ordered in a classic combination of Regal Red ICI with tan hide on its original registration mark SSN 263M.

Having had only 3 previous owners the last owner purchased the vehicle back in March of 1981, who added his own personal touches in that same year, a private plate ‘740 BHO’ and the commissioning of the top half of the vehicle colour changed to a very eye catching willow gold.

The paintwork was done to a very high standard at the cost of around £2,000 which would be around £8,000 in todays money.

The body work on this vehicle is excellent,the sills of the vehicle are solid as are all of the wheel arches.

Of course there are some blemishes here and there commensurate of age but she is 50 years old next month.

The interior is in superb order, with a fantastic patina to the seats, the veneers are in good order as are the carpets, footstools and leather headlining, the vehicle also benefits from having the very desirable tear drop front headrests.

All the window motors are in working order as is the electric aerial and original Radio, the separate 8 track was changed in 1981 for a cassette player but we still have the original 8 track should you wish for it.

It is evident that this vehicle has been serviced regularly all its life, the braking system is absolutely perfect with all warning lights extinguishing immediately upon starting, (see video) the brakes are strong and very responsive and the vehicle sits at the correct level on matching Avon tyres.

The oil in this car is like new as the car was last serviced at Starmans Rolls Royce specialist just 747 miles ago with a bill of just under £1000

This pampered shadow even comes with its own cotton and cashmere lined indoor car cover with RR Logo

(these are very very expensive)

Mileage reading is currently 114,105 (showing 14105) on the clock which is an average of just 2282 miles per year.

Mileage recordings from records we have:

14th December 1983

58214 miles

7th January 1989

79801 miles

24th November 2003

98861 miles

13th December 2004

00327 miles (odometer rotation)

29th November 2005

1,047 miles

30th January 2007

2,517 miles

7th January 2008

4,285 miles

12th February 2009

7,438 miles

16th February 2010

8,163 miles

23rd March 2011

8,865 miles

7th March 2012

11,205 miles

20th March 2013

12,410 miles

21st April 2015

12,530 miles

21st April 2016

13,011 miles

9th June 2017

13,384 miles

18th June 2018

14,048 miles

As you can see, even though the vehicle was MOT exempt from 2013 it was always MOT’d, showing that this is a cared for example with money being spent on it when required.

Recent servicing 745 miles ago

New scuttle filter.

Oil change and filter.

Front engine mount.

New brake pump push rod.

New brake pump feed lines and o rings.

Replacement coil and ballast.

Removal of carbs/inlet manifold and tappet chest, replacement of broken push rod and rebuild.

New plugs.

Timing check.

Carbs adjusted.

New thermostat and gasket.



5870 miles ago

Track rod ends

New over-rider

Replace steering box

Strip rear brakes, replace rear discs, removal of callipers, replace 2 pistons and resell callipers, replace 2 brake pipes.

Strip rear hubs, replace discs and all disc to hub bolts, re build and repack bearings.

Replace master cylinder, pads and parking brake, new linkages, bleed system and test.


Points to note:

The air-con does require re-gassing

Registration will stay with the car and has been valued independently at £1995.

The car can be driven and tested on our private road and part exchange is possible.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1973

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