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19th Century



A superb watercolour painting possibly of ‘The Brontë Sisters and Aunt Branwell’

The Watercolour showing a group of Three Young Women with a Older Lady in Mourning - Obtained from a elderly gentleman who informed us that the painting was known to him and his family as The Brontë Sisters with their Aunt Branwell.

Owned by myself for the last 30 years the artwork was purchased from a elderly Gentleman who hailed from Yorkshire but came to live in a large grade II listed building in Hertfordshire, as a head scientist for ICI.

He stated that it had been in his family for as long as he could personally remember and that it was always known to the family as ‘The Brontë’s’

The second image has comparison images from a Watercolour which recently sold for around £50,000, there is quite a remarkable similarity in the faces, styles of hair etc.

The condition of the painting is superb and it is set in a glazed and gilded frame.

As we cannot guarantee that the painting is of the Bronte family the buyer would need to do their own research.

Superb Watercolour possibly depicting The Brontë Sisters SOLD

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